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Frequently Asked Questions About Pheromones

Q: What are pheromones?
Pheromones are chemicals that our bodies naturally produce. Pheromones send out scent signals to the opposite sex that trigger sexual arousal and feelings of attraction also known as "Chemistry".

Q: How are pheromones detected?
Pheromone molecules are detected by an organ inside our nose called the Vomeronasal Organ (VNO). When the VNO detects pheromones, it sends a signal to areas of the limbic brain that are responsible for sexual arousal.

Q: Can I see some proof that Pheromones work?
There's plenty of research and tests.

Q: Does Pheromone Cologne work in crowded places?
It does, but because there are so many other scents in the air, the girl must be in close proximity to you - talking distance. General rule is: the more crowded room - the closer the girl has to be. Some users reported excellent results in clubs, where the music is so loud that you must talk to her ear. If you sprayed Icebreaker on your neck, pheromones are very close to her nose creating instant attraction.

Q: Are all women responsive to pheromones?
Our field experiences show that most women are responsive to Icebreaker pheromone formula. Some women are more responsive than others. About 10-15% of women do not respond to pheromones at all. However more than 70% of women show affection, relaxed mood and sexual interest. Phase of the ovulation cycle plays a big role whether a woman is currently receptive to pheromones.

Q: If my body already produces pheromones, why do I need Pheromone Cologne?
Because your body does NOT produce enough pheromones to trigger any reaction from women. To make the matters worse, the small amounts that you do make is washed away when you shower. If you use pheromone pologne, you can be clean, smell nice and still have plenty of pheromones to send out a sexual message to women!

Q: When I use Icebreaker, what kind of effects can I realistically expect?

Reduce rejections from women
Get more smiles, winks, touches, hugs and kisses
More conversations initiated by girls that approach you
An increased number of date invitations from girls
Get respect from other men
A solid boost of confidence
Get more & better sex

Q: How do I use Pheromone Cologne?
It's best to apply pheromone colone directly to your bare skin. When you spray it on your neck or behind your ears it has the strongest effect when you hug or are in close proximity to a woman. Only 3 sprays are needed each 4-8 hours that you are between women. Using more will NOT increase the effect.

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