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Pheromone Colognes And The Way They Work

Pheromone Colognes And The Way They Work
By Andrew John

The are no longer creatures of men's legends. They are now hard science. After years of work, the scientists managed to finally isolate and concentrate them. These substances can create sexual attraction in humans. Most "sexy" men and women send them naturally and unconsciously. Now you can wear consciously and send the sexy signals at will.

For years scientists have been studying human pheromones. Now we know for sure that the are able to incite an instinctual and automatic response in people receiving the olfactory signal. Normally, everyone of us release small quantities of (more if we are sexually aroused) into the air, but they are mixed with our sweat and other secretions of our bodies, which then find into other people's nasal passage where they are intercepted and decoded. Though it is still unclear if the vomeronasal organ is the only pheromone receiver or only a part of a greater whole, the rest of information we have on is clear.

What's inside pheromones? There are two main pheromones: androstadienone (a.k.a. AND) and estratetraenol (EST). Both of them are derived from hormones - androstadienone is related to testosterone and estratetraenol to estrogen. The effects of are clearly visible if we use EEG, MRI or PET scans. They are also visible when you closely observe the mood changes of people smelling pheromones. Needless to say, the mood changes and body reactions are 100% consistent with what they are supposed to do.

Nowadays, the role of is slightly less important than earlier since the American fight with sweat and bodily odor of any kind wipes most pheromones, too. However, the game is not yet over, especially if we consider that synthesized versions of natural are even more potent and clear than their natural counterparts.

Because we hate natural odors so much, synthesized are about the only way to keep yourself in the game. Of course the hard part if finding a reliable source of quality pheromones. As many less-than-honest manufacturers

dilute them and even sell distilled water instead of true pheromones, it is an imperative to look closely on what you are going to buy. The good products - ones that are both high quality and reputable - are much harder to get. One example of the good stuff is Nexus - the product is made of 100% real human pheromone. One more thing: remember to always get a money-back guarantee as well as a not claiming that the pheromone you buy is concentrate. If the manufacturer does not issue such claim, it is probably nothing more than simple cologne with only a minimal amount of real in it.

Let's make it clear: from all aphrodisiacs, your self-confidence and smile are two the most potent. You can use to boost your self-confidence a little. You'll quickly find out that everything will go more smoothly if you use them - just check it for yourself, if you do not believe.

About the Author: Andrew John writes on the subjects that are both informative and interesting. For more information on Nexus Pheromones and Pheromone Colognes just click on the above links.
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