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What Are Pheromones? - Let's Find Out

What Are Pheromones? - Let's Find Out

What are pheromones? That is a question asked by many people. So if you have asked this question and want an answer, you have plenty of company. A considerable amount of research has been accumulated on this subject because scientists also want to know what they are, how they work and why.

To learn just what are, research has been developed with human as well as animal pheromones. This is being done to finally get the question answered of, what are pheromones, relating to the human world and the animal world.

What it comes to is that the question “what are pheromones?” is easily answered. To communicate and attract, chemicals called are produced by the body. Though often used to attract members of the opposite sex, have other purposes, too, such as informing all kinds of insects what to do and where to go.

Attraction And Insects - Yes, That's Right

The primary question can simply be answered as being a means to discover a mate. When it is time to mate, the body secretes of the right kind and amount to attract the opposite sex. The female will only attract a male from the same exact same species in this way. It works the same way with males when they want attraction from the females. This happens with all living creatures whether they are insects, animals or even humans. Since all living things have the desire to procreate, are used to help ensure a mate is attracted for the purpose. Though the idea of humans attracting a mate with seems a bit silly, it does actually happen. The answer to “what are pheromones?”

explains a lot about why people are attracted to one another.

To learn more about pheromones, it is a good idea to research the various amounts of chemicals that different species secrete. You will find that each species has its own chemicals to secrete because it only wants to arouse another from their own species. So the secreted by cats do not attract humans or dogs. This is the way nature makes sure that each species only mates with its own kind. This ensures the survival of each species because cross breeding is less likely to happen while breeding within the species is virtually assured. It also makes sure that animals have the desire to breed when the timing is right for them to mate. are behind the instinct to breed.

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